More artists confirmed for our Hard n’ Dark techno compilation series

There is only one week left to be part of this exciting compilation we have put together, the closing date for submissions is 19th April, all tracks must be sent by this date to be included. Send your submissions to

Confirmed artists on the compilation so far: [U.G.O] & Jimmyzkinz, Arci, Assuc, Auxzelot, Basscontroll, Buben, DEEP Noise, Domingo Caballero, Duck Sandoval, Fuda, Franc.Marti, Gregor Size, Grimmaldika, Jimmyzkinz, Katarina Ohalloran, The Headbusta, Healing Noises, Kev Willis, Lorenzo Chi, Miguel Dacoste, MiSinki, Miss Ask, Nick Jacholson, Pavle Davchev & Jame Zname, Politis, Rispetto Musiq, Tito K, Toxic D.N.A, TrixX K, Van Dexter, Xanhanda