New EP confirmed for ‘Hans Morlier’

Dead Groovy Music is excited to announce that ‘Hans Morlier’ has returned with his 3rd EP on the label entitled ’Frankfurt Dance’ bringing three tracks of his unique blend of progressive and melodic techno laced in all the usual atmospheric sounds.

The title track ‘Frankfurt Dance’ progresses at ease with a high rolling bass, spacey pads and beautiful melodic synths carrying the track towards a lush synth breakdown. ‘Sometimes’ kicks off with a different vibe and almost 80’s like broken beat builds with stabbing synths, rolling bass and bright warm pads into a crescendo of atmospheres with layered vocals. ‘Wonder’ builds on a much more progressive scale than the first two tracks in this release with distant atmospheres and bass building until the first drop this is then complimented by the bright lush melodic synths and pads to create a sound so beautiful you will be filled with ‘Wonder’