New EP confirmed for ‘Liquid Static’

We are excited to present to you the label debut from ‘Liquid Static’ with a special press release written by ‘Jacki-e’

Stand by!!! It’s Rush Hour!! Melvin Naidoo aka Liquid Static makes his production debut on Dead Groovy Music with ‘Rush Hour’, a driving, rhythmic tour de force featuring acidic synths, sampled sounds and a beat that is sure to get any dance floor moving. Beautifully arranged with excellent mastering by Renée Lincoln. Many thanks go to Ana Čorak for the track title.

[U.G.O.] and JIMMYZKINZ are on remix duties. [U.G.O.] brings out the darkness and mystery of the track by layering reverb over the rhythm and bringing the sfx to the front of the mix. This fairly moves along with a solid, chunky roll and is sure to feature in a lot of DJ sets in the coming months. JIMMYZKINZ takes no prisoners as he unleashes a full on techno kick on his remix and then has lots of fun with the synth parts, chopping them up into call and response features with lots of panning and dynamics, creating distorted, fuzzy riffs that dart in and out of that solid percussive base.

A superb debut EP from Liquid Static means we will be hearing a lot more from him. ‘Rush Hour’ is just the start!!

Pre-order exclusively from Beatport on 2nd November. Release Date 23rd November