Various Artists – Afterhours Techno

Welcome to the ‘Afterhours’ where the geeks and freaks come to play. Once the clubs have shut their doors, and all the less enlightened have gone home, the ‘Afterhours’ comes to life where the most eclectic collection of sounds comes together to create the vibe of the afterparty.

We are excited to present to you our latest Various Artist compilation entitled ‘Afterhours Techno’ taking you on a trip through the afterparty with tracks from some of the biggest names in the underground scene including Bare Hugg, Basscontroll, Beatfreaque, Buben, Da Mad Mixologist, E.D.D.B, Franc.Marti, Fuda, The Headbusta, Jimmyzkinz, Kiva, Lindes Garcia, Nick.Jacholson and Tito K.

Pre-order exclusively from Beatport on 22nd November. Release Date 13th December.