New EP confirmed for ‘Handsome Audience’

Dead Groovy Music is excited to welcome back Handsome Audience following his recent massive release he is back with another bomb, and more incredible remix support.

Title track ‘True Insight’ builds with tribal like percussions, layered vocals and eerie pads. The track is carried by a bright synth hook and punching bass. Second track on the release ‘Mumbling Mind’ creates a darker more melancholy feel to it, with tribal percussions, muted pads, distant atmospheres and glitched vocals. The track is carried along nicely with the punching bass and warm synth sounds.

Massive support on the remixes with this one again including incredible reworks from ALESSANDRO ZINGRILLO, E.D.D.B, Rispetto Musiq, Stateline and TrigR.

Pre-order exclusively from Beatport on 6th December. Release Date 27th December.