New EP confirmed for ‘[U.G.O], JIMMYZKINZ & Pitch!’

Dead Groovy Music is excited to present the massive EP from the techno brotherhood [U.G.O], JIMMYZKINZ and Pitch! entitled ‘T800 – Judgment Day’ the EP is a tribute to the classic movie and features three exclusive versions from the artists, each one creating a true atmosphere of the war against the machines.

The ‘Original Judgement Day Mix’ builds with futuristic warm pads, heavy crushed percussions and a stomping kick, the mix is hard and energy driven contrasted by the darkness of the pads. The ‘Resistance Mix’ is a deep and dark approach, with eerie pads and strings, distant vocals and a melodic bass. Dark gritty atmospheres and warm synths drive this track along. The third version ‘Skynet Edit’ builds with punch and drive, bright percussions and warm bass layered with dark pads and eerie whispered vocals. Each track in their own right mirrors the essence of Judgment Day.

The release is supported with a massive second EP full of exclusive remixes from a collection of some of the finest artists in the underground including Toxic D.N.A, Raw Vandalz, MiSiNKi, Franco Paulsen, Franck Antenucci, Arkatekt and Dead Groovy Music head Chris Henderson.

Pre-order exclusively from Beatport on 20th December. Release Date 10th January