New EP confirmed for ‘E.D.D.B’

Dead Groovy Deep is excited to present to you our latest EP and label debut from ‘E.D.D.B’ entitled ‘The Tower of Captives’ featuring three elegant and unique tracks.

‘The Tower of Captives’ the title track on this release builds with warm distant pads over deep bass, percussions and dark vocals carry the track along elegantly. The rolling bass and big strings complement the bright melodies that float in and out. The second offering ‘Ponen’ builds with a warm bright pad distant percussions and rolling bass. Bright and elegant arpeggios and elegant melodies layered with precision timed percussions carry the track along. ‘The Old Secta’ is the final track on this release and kicks off with a hell of a lot of funk the rolling bassline, vocal like pads and warm stabs build to a higher energy creating a real different feel to this track. The warm pads and grooving percussions build with bright arpeggios and vocal hooks.

Pre-Order from 24th April, Release date 22nd May.