New EP for confirmed ‘Renee Lincoln & Liquid Static’

Liquid Static in collaboration with Renée Lincoln, fusing a great love of Progressive, Melodic & Deep Tech sounds into two beautifully designed tracks, available for pre-order from May 29th, brought to you by Dead Groovy Music & Dead Groovy Deep

Mastering and artwork by Renée Lincoln.

Renee Lincoln and Liquid Static present their new two track EP “Plauditory” celebrating the life of someone really special who recently passed away.

“Cynefin” – a Welsh word for a place where a being feels it ought to live, where nature around feels right and welcoming,

The shimmering chords and swirling, delicate pads are the foundation for a framework of rhythmic synths and a haunting, emotional melodic theme. The track builds beautifully and expertly to its crescendo before easing down to its conclusion.

“Liqourice” opens with a strong rhythmic swagger which introduces the spoken word vocals of DonTToxique, backed by melodic pads and haunting synth chords. A catchy melody draws us to a rhythmic pad sequence and emotional chord patterns A fitting tribute to a life long friend now sadly departed.

A childish argument over a sweet changing into a friendship which endures into adult life until something is lost. Cherished memories, never to be forgotten escapades, a fitting musical tribute to a best friend and a wonderful human being.

Release Notes written by Jacki-E.