We are often running compilation series on the labels to be kept up to date please keep an eye on our news feed and this page for any active compilations we are currently running.

We are now actively accepting submissions for our ‘Afterhours’ Techno compilation series.

For this compilation we are looking for the deep and groovy sounds of the afterparty, the hypnotic, minimalistic techno that takes your mind on a journey.

Send your demos to

We are now actively accepting submissions for our ‘Deep and Dirty’ House compilation series.

For this one we are looking for those big vocal hooks, instrumentals and live percussion. Go deep, go dirty or go Deep and Dirty!

send your demos to

We are no longer accepting submissions for first edition of our Techno compilation ‘Hard n’ Dark 001′

Artists on this compilation: [U.G.O] & Jimmyzkinz, Arci, Assuc, Auxzelot, Basscontroll, Buben, Da Mad Mixologist, DEEP Noise, Domingo Caballero, Duck Sandoval, Exitium, Fuda, Franc.Marti, Gregor Size, Grimmaldika, Jimmyzkinz, Katarina Ohalloran, The Headbusta, Healing Noises, Kev Willis, Lorenzo Chi, Miguel Dacoste, MiSinki, Miss Ask, Mudd.Zed, Nick.Jacholson, Pavle Davchev & Jame Zname, Politis, Rispetto Musiq, Tito K, Toxic D.N.A, TrixX K, Van Dexter, Xanhanda