Phil Forward

Phil Forward is a producer of minimalistic elektronic dance music since 2009. He was born in June 1990 in Heidelberg, Germany. In the beginning everybody laughted at him, because his only small dream was to release an EP. His Love to Techno began when he listened to his favorite records, like dominik eulberg – björn borkenkäfig on some phenyl-ethylamines. Like many other dj & producers there is a linked connection between drugs & music. like in every genre. the rockers drink too much. the techno-freaks are on speed, MDMA, …, the reggea-people smoke weed. when he was 17 years old he celebrated his first music festival (Nature One 2007, das 13te Land). He danced at the main floor where dj falk played – boys noise – frau vs. dj falk – house of god. And the crazy thing was, that he remembered this tracks up today. He always searched for the producing artists, not the dj who is playing these tracks. On this event he came in touch with the equipment, the genres, the djs, the lables & the producers and he also came in touch with their music & the love the people spread on this festival. That was amazing. Then he came home and searched the internet for: “production”, “audio-software”, “daw”, “djing”, “virtual dj”, “timecode”, “interface”, … He became a professional producer and his skills have become playable. Then he played at small garden parties, for friends in his living room or just for himself, at the privé-club, ludwigshafen & on CUEBASE-FM (finest electronic music radio). His focus has gone more globally. He started producing using propellerhead´s reason. In october 2016 he finally achieved his aim. He got his first release on pure enjoyment recordings, italy. He was so fucking proud of his hard work, and he always will. The Korobeiniki EP.
So Pure Enjoyment Recordings was the first label, who saw potential in his beats. Because of his character and his opened mind many doors have opened for him. Then in 2017 he became a onesun artist. OneSun Records is a label of techno music in moscow, russia. OneSun Records has many sublabels like Yellow & NEON. And many many releases followed on this label: After that boom he sended his demo tracks around the world and got more & more followers and new labels, like Nachtwandler Records. His first release on this label is called the Let´s Party EP.…/576882/releases.
After that successful partnership between artist & label he has so many possibilities and many new opened doors, too. He also knows many producers, which have a recording studio with good & loud speakers, where he sometimes can play his new sounds. You can listen to his radio-show on mixcloud.