New EP confirmed for ‘Miguel Dacoste’

Dead Groovy music is excited to present to you the incredible 2 track EP, entitled ‘DC-Mini’ from Spanish Techno Maestro Miguel Dacoste, this is his 4th outing on the label and he has certainly Brough something special.

Bursting in with with a beautiful arpeggio of warm synths, rolling bass and layered percussions ‘DC-Mini’ is an exceptionally curated sound, progressing with a hypnotic crescendo ‘DC-Mini’ is the true sound of summer.

To complement this Miguel Dacoste has created his own interpretation of this beautiful track on ‘DC-Mini (Dark Remix)’ replacing the warmth with dark punching bass, lush piercing synths and perfectly layered vocals this remix will pull the masses to the dance floor.


New EP confirmed for ‘Matovyy’

Russian Minimal Techno sensation Matovyy returns to Dead Groovy Music with his 2nd EP release on the label, the beautifully crafted two track EP entitled ‘Influence’ takes you to the depths of your mind and back again.

Title track ‘Influence’ builds with a deep progressive broken beat, driven by bright pads and gentle melodic synths to create a beautifully intricate hypnotic atmosphere. ‘Mirror’ elegantly supplements the release with a solid four to the floor beat which carries with distant synth melodies, deep flowing bass and dark pushing pads.

New EP confirmed for ‘The Headbusta’

New Jerseys finest, The Headbusta, returns to Dead Groovy Music with his latest EP entitled ‘Evil Thoughts’ this is the 2nd EP release on the label for the master beat maker. 

The deep bass and tribal like percussions of title track ‘Evil Thoughts’ pull you in to an almost hypnotic state while the distant melodies and layered vocals carry the track along. ‘Purpose’ continues with the dark, hypnotic vibe layering in vocal cuts and timely synth stabs. The final track ‘ I Am Regular’ brings a somewhat warmer vibe with tribal percussions, deep stabs and layered vocals.


New EP confirmed for ‘Luxor Ray’

We are excited to present to you ‘Just Magic’ the exquisitely titled debut EP from Italian Dj and Producer Luxor Ray with his unique blend of Techno, influenced by electronic sounds and tribal rhythms.

Title track ‘Just Magic’ progresses with elegance with percussions layered over rolling bass hypnotic synth melodies and warm pads. Contrasting beautifully with ‘Esylium’ which builds with a slightly darker tone layered with tribal percussive rhythms and formant synth melodies sweeping throughout.

New EP confirmed for ‘Basscontroll’

Dead Groovy Music are excited to present to you the debut EP from Basscontroll, the Dutch producer has been making big strides in the underground techno scene in recent years with his unique dark and progressive hard techno sound. His EP entitled ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ continues to demonstrate his skills.

The title track ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ is a deep progression of dark synths, low throbbing bass and piercing pads accumulating to an eerie atmosphere. ‘Going Strong’ complements the release with a further dark and throbbing atmosphere building with lush intensity and driven by a heavy kick. 

New EP confirmed for ‘Hans Morlier’

Dead Groovy Music is excited to announce that ‘Hans Morlier’ has returned with his 3rd EP on the label entitled ’Frankfurt Dance’ bringing three tracks of his unique blend of progressive and melodic techno laced in all the usual atmospheric sounds.

The title track ‘Frankfurt Dance’ progresses at ease with a high rolling bass, spacey pads and beautiful melodic synths carrying the track towards a lush synth breakdown. ‘Sometimes’ kicks off with a different vibe and almost 80’s like broken beat builds with stabbing synths, rolling bass and bright warm pads into a crescendo of atmospheres with layered vocals. ‘Wonder’ builds on a much more progressive scale than the first two tracks in this release with distant atmospheres and bass building until the first drop this is then complimented by the bright lush melodic synths and pads to create a sound so beautiful you will be filled with ‘Wonder’

New EP confirmed for ‘Miguel Dacoste’

Dead groovy music, excitedly present to you the latest offering from the Spanish Techno Aficionado, with his 3rd EP on the label, entitled ‘Analog Voltage’ Miguel brings his usual progressive techno sounds with two tracks of well articulated techno soundscapes.

The title track ‘Analog Voltage’ it builds in an arpeggiated crescendo of warm and bright sweeping synths, with punching bass and a funky groove. Perfectly accompanied by the slightly darker sounding ‘Irreversible Mind’ with its broken beat, timely percussions and perfectly pitched synths and strings building to a burst of dark energy.

New EP confirmed for ‘Antonio Borrelli & Triark’

We would like to welcome back ‘Antonio Borrelli’ following his previous previous ‘Dead or Alive’ EP he is back with his latest release, a collaboration with ‘Triark’

Coming soon to Dead Groovy Music ‘Antonio Borrelli & Triark – In The Jungle’ bringing you two deep tech tracks with grooving percussions, rolling basses and climbing synths.

New EP confirmed for ‘Shipyard’

For our latest release on Dead groovy Music, we would like to welcome the incredible ‘Shipyard’ consisting of ‘Peri Valencio & Thiago Florian’

Coming soon to Dead Groovy Music ‘Shipyard – Volatile’ bringing two tracks of grooving techno sounds with relong percussion’s and punching synths.

New EP confirmed for ‘Pavle Davchev’

We would like to welcome ‘Pavle Davchev’ to the Dead Groovy Music, following his recent collaboration track with ‘Jame Zname’ on the Dark Edition Of our ‘Dark n’ Hard’ Compilation, Pavle is back with his debut EP release on the label.

Coming soon to Dead Groovy Music ‘Pavle Davchev – Haze’ brings two tracks of deep techno grooves, layered with cutting synths and distant percussion’s.