Techno Is Our Religion – 002 – Mixed by JIMMYZKINZ

We are excited to announce that for our second show this Sunday 2nd June we have none other than JIMMYZKINZ, a Canadian music producer who started creating music in the Ambient Genre in 2013.

Dark Atmospheric Techno is the evolution of his sound for 2019. Known to spend hours in his studio losing himself in the world of sound; a drummer turned studio enthusiast found his passion in the possibilities of sound design through synthesis. “I love creating gritty, edgy sounds in droning meditative atmospheres riding warehouse beats.”

Great atmospheric, deep beats and dense textures are characteristics typical of JIMMYZKINZ trademark sound. A talented and charismatic producer whose work echoes the music of artists as diverse as Radiohead, Deadmau5, Nils Frahm and Jon Hopkins. “A Moment in Time and Space and Orion rising through Ashtree Branches” illustrate JIMMYZKINZ’s production versatility and innovative approach; blending retro synths with driven rhythm sections and lush ambient pads that saturate the sound beautifully in all the right wavelengths.


0:00 The Haxan Cloak – Consumed
1:39 – Vatican Shadow – Monotheism and Zarqa
7:11 SNTS – 19.1
13:09 UGO – Space invaders (HankB remix)
19:09 JIMMYZKINZ – Blood Feud
24:28 Daniel Avery – Drone Logic (Rodhad remix)
31:15 E la Luna – The Observatory
37:45 Recondite – Fiery
43:45 UGO Baoh – Sex(no more love)(Hank B remix)
49:30 Rebekah – Code Black (Slam remix)
55:00 Frank Antenucci – Time Lapse
60:45 JIMMYZKINZ – The Destroyer of Worlds
66:00 Codex Empire Melania – Confirmatio (Codex Empire remix)
71:17 Kwartz – Show me the Light (Cleric remix)
77:46 Koba Yashi – Sirena
83:32 Recondite – Cleric
90:32 Pig & Dan – Terrax
96:47 Charlotte de Witte – Voices of the Ancients (Keith Carnal remix)
102:48 JIMMYZKINZ – Pain in Beauty
108:14 KASST – Nepal(feat.VRIL) (VRIL remix)